Preparate para una inmersión de Arquitectura de Información!
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  • World Information Architecture Day 2019

    Un día para discutir cómo la academia, el mercado, la industria y la comunidad deben interactuar para evolucionar la práctica de Arquitectura de Información en Mexico.

  • A new information architecture is fast emerging on the World Wide Web. Its vision has been to transform our Web of hyperlinked documents into a Web of “Linked Data” called the “Semantic Web”. Imagine the Web as a giant database where things, and not just strings, or data and not just documents are interconnected and interrelated through a global knowledge graph. Such a web has the potential to change the world all over again - just as the original Web did in the early nineties.

    In his 2009 TED talk, Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the “Father of the Web”) urged us to reframe the way we think about information on the Web and to continue in the pursuit of this compelling vision. “It’s called Linked Data,” he said. “I want you to make it. I want you to demand it.”

    But what is Linked Data? Why is it valuable? And how does it work?

    In this talk, Cody Burleson, a Solutions Architect for Base22 and contributor to the W3C’s Linked Data Platform specification, will explain. You will learn how recent market forces have been driving an increased need for Linked Data and how it, and the related technologies of the Semantic Web, have been growing in popularity. You will also learn the fundamental concepts about how the technologies work and how they can help you “design for the difference”.